Manajemen Strategi NU TV9 Menghadapi Televisi Swasta Lokal di Surabaya

  • Mochammad Dawud Institut Agama Islam Negeri Jember
  • Abdul Choliq Institut Agama Islam Negeri Jember
Keywords: Strategic Management, Local Television Station


Television 9 (TV9) is a private broadcast station owned by the East Java Regional Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (PWNU). TV9 is faced with the NU-style management issues that are thick with pesantren (Islamic boarding school) characteristics, both in terms of human resources and the management system developed by the media company. However, the applied management has actually made TV9 able to reach the maximum audience. The researchers employed qualitative methods. Through such method, this research obtained the results, namely; First, it is owned and managed by Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), as a business entity, TV9 is pursuing profit. TV9 management is managed with the aim of obtaining a very large marketing content for urban Muslims, especially the nahdliyin (NU community). TV9 is able to design programs based on the characteristics and interests of the nahdliyin community so that it gets a positive reception and affects its increase in performance share and ratings. Second, as a religious television station, TV9 prefers "dominant stars" by presenting speakers from the NU circles who have Islamic boarding schools, or students who have many influences in the society. The da'wah program is packed flexibly, lightly but does not leave the substance of the da'wah. Third, there are several factors which becom the primary determinants in the process of making a da'wah program, namely; 1) to attract public interest, 2) to increase ratings and shares, 3) to persuade companies to advertise their products through da'wah broadcast on TV9.